You will experience going from a hard working, sore body, most likely knowing nothing about yoga to  learning through yoga how to feel good in your mind, body, and spirit in any moment as it is designed to! Just show up for class and trust me to guide you to feeling amazing

In the video below I talk more about the students of the yoga classes experiencing the same relief from discomfort! 

Your Membership comes with LIVE Online Classes and Recorded Videos

  • Learn to use your body the way it is meant to which feels soooo GOOD

    Many of the movements we do in our careers in our modern society are actually very straining on our body. Learn how to breath, stand, and move deliberately to feel RENEWED! 

  • Judgment free

    We want you to come as you are. There is no certain way to look or skills that you are required to have. Together we are learning to live in a way on and off the yoga mat which promotes love and peace!

  • Tools are provided for in-class participants 

    Very minimal equipment is required. Your body in comfortable clothing, water bottle, and yoga mat is all you need

  • Join in Live Classes from home

    Get the energy and feel of being in a live class from the privacy of your living room. Frodo can join you! You can turn your camera on or off! A laptop is a great way to see the class. 

Zen Yoga Membership

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Here is What the Zen Yoga  Members Say...

""I loved the yoga classes! Valerie, is so kind and positive. She loves what she does and it shows. I felt so relaxed when I was done."

Samantha Pearse

"I participated in your Zen Yoga and loved it! It really helped me learn yoga and get to feel comfortable doing it on my own with you through your online classes. I love that I’m finally able to calm my mind and go inward after almost two years of inconsistent meditation practice. Now I’m meditating faithfully every morning and sometimes also a few times during the day after yoga. Meditation then prayer. These practices are a huge part of my self discovery, self development in becoming the best version of myself. I can’t thank you enough."

Joanie Collins

"Just want to give a shout out to my favorite yoga instructor. Valerie Hoagenson . In 2 months of attending her classes my flexibility , strength and stamina have greatly improved. Oh and let's not forget an overall better attitude."

Tim Ellis

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