I teach people who are feeling chronic fatigue holistic solutions to gain energy

Valerie Hoagenson

Reiki Master,  Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Nutrition Guide

My Holistic Solutions

I teach and facilitate holistic solutions to gain energy

60 Minute Reiki Session

1 session is equal rest as 8 hours of deep sleep giving you more energy, mental clarity, and relief from mental and physical stress and fatigue 

Yoga Membership

A way to move your body that is considerate of the mind, body, and spirit. You will learn how to love who you are in this class with others.

Free Mini Yoga Membership

7 free yoga classes to find calmness, de-stress, and relief hip and back pain naturally  

About Me

I know what it is like to want to be chronically tiered and fatigue  AND be without the knowledge and tools to gain more energy

Growing up in a family of progressive agriculturists I was driven to work hard on the family dairy farm in West Central Wisconsin. I was very goal driven and loved getting a hard days work done. As young as 19 years old I had constant back pain, chronic fatigue no matter how much I slept and I wanted to do more. I knew there had to be a natural effective way to gain more energy. I was not looking for a room of people in yoga pants, yoga found me, which led me to learning about proper nutrition, and finally learning about Reiki healing to give me a MASSIVE boost in my energy levels. Now I have taught hundreds of people who are also driven to use Reiki, Yoga, and Nutrition to get their energy they always wanted. 

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