Experience more energy in just 60 minutes.

One of the most common things people say about Reiki is the they feel they are able to handle the situation from a more calm and relaxed place. 

 The Remote Reiki sessions usually last 60 minutes.  You will receive a link to join the virtual session in your confirmation email.

  • Much of your fatigue is caused by an inability to deeply relax

    Distance Reiki will help you reduce fatigue by allowing your body to go into such a deep relaxation the body can heal mental, emotional, and physical problems.

  • Improved work performance

    Because Reiki heals the root of problems it will help you to gain a deeper level of compassion and love for yourself. By feeling this sense of love you will be able to more easily problem solve in the work place

  • No prerequisite is required

    Even if you have never had prior meditation or energy work done on you before the healing will be just as effective. If you are open minded that is all that is required to receive the deep healing effects of Reiki

  • Enjoy from the comfort of your home

    There is no physical contact during a remote session. You get to receive the healing from the comfort of a quiet space in your home. 

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