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The reason I was not succeeding in business was NOT because of lack of information or education. I figured I didn't have the proper training. I lived in a rural area and that wasn't conducive to the goals I had, I blamed myself for not being motivated enough to do what I needed to get a steady income.

When I took a good honest look at myself I saw that I was focusing on fixing the wrong things. I was stuck on trying to please everyone else.

It was a warm sunny day last fall in front of my computer screen I prioritized my own healthy lifestyle before everything. I knew if I was balanced I'd have no problem answering three calls of my passion of my business. I would be able to show up fully since my head wasn't full of brain fog from inflammation and negative thinking.

I actually needed was to devote myself to my self care. I knew that if I had enough energy to do everything I needed I wouldn't need motivation. I'd have an abundance of energy to show up and do it with bells on.

I changed everything to put my health 💯

After I took care of me if someone wasn't interested in my offerings or was being a challenge I could navigate how to handle it so easily with a clear mind. It was easy to do my morning visualization of my future because my mind was clear, hydrated, and functioning at high levels. The food, care of my mind, and energy I put in my life had me feel emotionally stable, at ease, and strong enough to take on my large audacious goals and manifest them with ease.

I know that if I continue to prioritize health I'll be able to make a bigger impact to the people I teach and life will continue to get more prosperous and abundant.

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