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My name is Valerie Hoagenson! I created my business Everything Holistic in March 2019 I am a Reiki Master,  Intuitive nutrition coach, and yoga instructor. 

After I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Poultry Science I had several interviews and tours with job offers I had this instinct that I was supposed to work in Indiana. I set sail and started my career. I brought my husband (who was boyfriend at the time) and a consistent yoga practice with me. I learned it took those vibrations (which often were good but just as much chaotic and stressful) and stopped them frequencies dead in their tracks.

Through the meditative effects of yoga it raised up my vibe and conscious awareness of my body as I stretched out muscles I once never knew I had.

Internally I was conflicted with another spidey sense. I had a calling in my heart to be to help more people learn this practice of yoga.


If I didn't make a change I'd have to deal with living a life where I wanted one thing but continued to do another because it was safe, familiar, and comfortable.

I realized I could pair up yoga with Reiki and help more people as well. That way it made it financially possible.

I started to see how this life of teaching yoga and doing Reiki and helping people really served a place in my heart. It made it easy to wake up early in the morning . It gave me a strong reason why I needed to let go of my egotistical desires like taking too many naps, compulsive spending, and other things that made me feel bad.

I've been able to assist people in their journey to better spiritual, mental, and physical health. I've been able to see busy people as they transform into a higher vibrational version where they smile more, stand more confidently, and show up for their family, friends, and coworkers like my Reiki Master and Yoga teacher did for me.

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